Bettina Elizabeth Ann Beattie,

It has been exactly one year since I took your hand in marriage, a day that was one of the greatest days of my life.

Ten years ago when I first saw you I knew I had to have you, you were not only super sexy on the outside, but the nicest person i have met on the inside. Your kindness and warmth brought me to work so I could see you and we could chat and bring smiles to each other's faces. You certainly brought one to mine.

I was so proud of myself when we starting dating, parading you around like the rockstar princess I think you are. People were underselling it when they told me that you were out of my league, you were and still are out of my universe, but you always make it to my dreams.

In the past year you have shown that you are not only a super mum, but the best wife in the universe. You treat me like a King, even though I may not always deserve it.

I cherish every waking moment that I spend with you and pine for you every moment we are apart. Your smile makes my heart shine on a rainy day, all my problems disappear when you are around.

I could not imagine life without you and I am looking forward to when we have our golden wedding anniversary party.

I love you so very very very very much and am so lucky to have you as my wife. You are the best!!!!!!! HAPPY FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!


PS This will be your makeup website, but I have to re-learn how to program in html. No wonder I dropped out of IT at uni, I make a terrible geek.